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If you require nursing professionals or healthcare assistants, you can count on Care101 to help meet your needs. We offer a range of services, through our dedicated male & female team, predominantly around our area in Kingston, Epsom, north Surrey & SW London.

They can provide support for ongoing or chronic illness, dementia, age related, palliative or respite care, as well as clients who may be physically or mentally challenged, either 1 to many or 1 to 1.

Whether you're looking to cover the odd single shift or have a more ongoing need, you can be safe in the knowledge that your residents, patients or loved ones are their top priority.


Three of our original founders were nurses, and this remains at the core of our business today. All professional RGNs or RMNs, they come with the experience and knowledge you would expect and want within your own team. From administering regular medication through to more palliative-based or brain injury care, they are highly trained and highly skilled.

Healthcare Assistants

Carers provide an absolutely vital role when it comes to a patient’s wellbeing and overall quality of life. They might support the medical & nursing staff but also for many clients, they're the sole care provider. For this reason alone we only employ the absolute best and treat them with the recognition they deserve.

  Technology solutions

We use technology & automation to ensure we keep track of our own rota, shift bookings & compliance, as well as keep in touch with our staff and interface payments through desktop, web and mobile solutions.

We also provide dedicated solutions including Rota101, our low-cost, online rota management system which our clients can access for free.

These are all built and maintained by our own in-house technology team who have many years of IT experience. When designed & implemented correctly, similar technologies can be of huge benefit to our clients and we offer these solutions and services to you as well.

  Local clients, local staff

We work with a dedicated set of clients to meet their temporary staffing needs, including nursing, care & residential homes, providing elderly, dementia, brain injuiry and mental health facilities.

Many of our team are local, meaning they don't have to travel far and know the area well.

  Help & advice from the office to the field

Administration is also a key factor in our business, juggling our resources to meet the individual needs of all our clients. A small dedicated team of professionals run the office and will usually be your first point of contact. They are friendly, experts in scheduling and will keep you informed & up to date at all times. If you have query or want to make a booking, they're the people to contact.

  Short term or regular, onging requirements

It’s inevitable that at times you may find yourself short staffed - maybe because of planned holidays or illness, or simply the need to increase your workforce to provide dedicated 1 to 1 care. Alongside short term cover, you may also find times when you need more ongoing support - e.g. when recruiting or covering longer term sickness etc.

We can help with both of these. Call us to find out how

  Last minute cover

We all know that things happen from time to time which no amount of planning can allow for. Its no one's fault but you're short staffed and the shift starts in a few hours!

Unlike some agencies, Care101 isn't a body shop and we don't have hundreds of spare staff waiting to work at the last minute. In fact our aim is to ensure our staff have shifts to work when they're available. Although we will always endeavour to provide the best possible service even at short notice, we do have finite resources and cannot guarantee that staff will always be available. However, you can be assured we’ll always try to help, no matter how late in the day it is.


Ongoing compliance is a headache you don't have to handle, because we've done it for you. All our staff are thoroughly checked and their mandatory training kept up to date. Profile details are sent ahead of the first shift and updated thereafter as needed.

See details of training & compliance


Naturally the cost of any service will be important to you. Our rates are amongst the best in the area with discounts available for longer term, ongoing assignments. We're always happy to negotiate based on your specific needs and aim to offer a cost effective solution to our clients, whilst not compromising on the standards we maintain.

See how agency costs compare with permanent staff

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We're always looking for good quality healthcare professionals to join our select 101 team...

  • Are you a registered nurse (RGN or RMN) or HCA?
  • Do you work well in a team?
  • Do you like the flexibility of agency work?
  • Do you want to work when you're free?
  • Do you live in or within easy reach of North Surrey or Southwest London?
  • Would you like to work part time, in addition to your regular job or other agency work ?

If you're an existing client, you can always access information & manage shift bookings online, through the client area. Alternatively please call the office.